Sunday Winter Field Day location #poll

Charlie W3QJD <ml@...>

Looks like we're overdue for another poll. Sunday's Winter Field Day spot is still up in the air, but it needs to be held in the city somewhere, preferably somewhere centrally located (in the city) and with decent foot traffic. This was reinforced last night during the ARES net. I did some site scouting yesterday (to confirm and deny some suspicions) and this is the short list.

Big up Sal for getting Saturday situated. Now we just need to figure out Sunday.


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Has a final location been selected?

Charlie W3QJD <ml@...>

gwalsh_2000 via Groups.Io wrote:
Has a final location been selected?
Sunday is no longer happening. There were unforeseen timing and
bureaucratic issues. However, the seeds have been planted for future
events planning in the City.

See youse who can make it on Saturday.

Charlie Li
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