Thank You Jeff and Rick!

Jim Fisher AJ3DI


I just want to let the Club know how lucky we are in this area (and
beyond) to have Amateurs who work in the Professional RF world and
give so freely to the Amateur Community.

Giving their Easter Saturday (cold) morning to help THIS CLUB.

Jeff, WN3A. His networks are where I started in the hobby. Got started
listening to N3KZ and it's cast of characters. Quickly bumped into
W3WAN and it's Allstar connected backend and talked all over the State
and the world. Listened (unworthy) to W3SBE until one day I had the
courage to key up. Roxborough, then Bucktown.
Available to the whole area. DMR, WR3IRS putting DMR RF all throughout
the area.

Rick, WC2K. If you wake up early enough you can hear Rick everyday on
South Jersey repeaters (and simplex). I've listened to Rick for years
on my ride in to work. Got to work with him virtually for the past few
years with the MS150. Hear him helping hams all the time with
antennas, radios, power supplies, and good information.

Well yesterday, got to meet them in person as they gave freely of
their time to help us address issues with the tower and the repeater.

Hard to imagine but they are *more* awesome in person than on the air
or in my imagination.

Consummate Professionals and extremely down to earth folks.

I cannot thank them enough for what they have done for me personally
in this hobby, and what they are currently doing for this Club.

I just want to let the club and everyone in the area know how
fortunate we are to have folks like this in our hobby.

jim fisher
HamshackHotline ext: 14423
"Do, or do not. There is no 'try.'"
-- Jedi Master Yoda

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