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January 2, 2021

Attention Club Leaders and Members:

The next What Hams Do YouTube TV Show will Premiere at 8 PM, Sunday, January
17th. It will focus on Mobile Emergency Communications. The program will
help us convince PA House of Representatives members to exempt mobile
amateur stations from restrictions in distracted driving legislation. Last
year's attempt (HB-37 introduced by Rep. Rosemarie Brown - Monroe/Pike
Counties) failed to get to the Senate floor. It had no ham radio exemption
in its original form. A new version will be introduced in 2021 and the PA
ARRL leadership team is taking a pro-active stance to make sure the
legislation protects our ability to operate in our vehicles, especially as
it pertains to Emergency Communications and disaster readiness.

In addition to that segment of the program, the ARRL EPA news section will
cover items of importance to all hams, and specifically to those of us in
the Eastern PA Section of the ARRL. If you have news items you'd like
covered in the news segment of What Hams Do. please forward them by email to
jaysilber@... <mailto:jaysilber@...> as soon as possible. The
script will be completed by January 8th. Shooting and editing will begin
shortly after.

Thanks for your attention,

Jay Silber (WA2UAR)
Public Information Coordinator
ARRL-Eastern Pennsylvania
Tel: 610 662-8032
Email: JaySilber@... <mailto:JaySilber@...>

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