PMRC Fusion Radio Loan Program

Richard Roth K2RSJ

My fellow Philmont Members,

As promised during the net two weeks ago, the loan of the club's FTM-400 and FT-1D is now available. See the attached form.

Submit this form to Rich, K2RSJ at OR go to and fill out the request directly.

• These radio loans are available on a first come, first served basis.

• In the interest of the most club members having the opportunity to try out these radios, the loans will be limited to three (3) months from the date of the loan.

• If you are done with the radio before the loan term is over or when the loan term is over, please contact Rich, K2RSJ at 609-502-0460 or to arrange for the radio to be transferred to the next club member requesting the use of the radio.

I will administer/facilitate this program to get these radios into as many of the members hands as we can. Try before you buy. This is a great opportunity to experiment with Yaesu's System Fusion.

Rich, K2RSJ

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