Re: Event: DENn Digital Education Net for newbies - 08/09/2022 #cal-reminder


Hi Everyone,
Here are the instructions for sending your call sign through the waterfall!

Right click a blank tab to save the text (the buttons above the waterfall depending on your settings)
Save as Print ID
Go to Configure
uncheck all the boxes
add your call sign
change Chars/Row: To Your call sign +1 (Ex: KC3UFO is 6 characters +1 is 7 so I'll set mine to 7)
<VIDEO:KC3UFO> (your call sign)
<@MODEM:MFSK32> (whatever mode you are using. However, I had mine saved to MFSK32 but everyone received it through their waterfall even though we were set to a different mode.)
Then go back to the "Print ID" tab you created and click . . . Your call should print on the waterfall!

Thanks to Ron and Greg for another great DENn! :)

Jax - PurpleDragon - KC3UFO

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